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What are the Best No Contract Cell Phones? - No Contract Cell Phone & Unlimited Free Plan

The cell phone industry is realizing that the buying public is growing weary of service plans that hold customers to long term contracts. This is why companies like Metro PCS and Boost Mobile are starting to take a good sized bite out of the mobile marketplace.

These two cell phone companies offer unlimited phone plans with no contract attached. You can cancel when you want to and you won't be penalized for doing so. They also have prepaid phone plans that start at $10 dollars, but the per minute charge is relatively high.

Other companies like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile also have prepaid plans to appeal to those who do not want to be restricted by contracts. The industry is thus starting to move in the direction of the no contract trend in order to give customers what they want. The wireless industry is very lucrative and growing each day. It is also highly competitive. So companies, both large and small, are getting into the pay-as-you go act. In fact, T-Mobile has recently teamed up with a smaller company called Liberty International to offer customers something rather revolutionary in the wireless world - a free, no contract unlimited plan.

If you sign up for one of their joint venture industry phone service plans, you will get your cell phone bill for free if you refer three people to the same plan. In addition to this, budding entrepreneurs can now get into the cell phone industry and make money without having to buy a franchise like a Wireless Zone from Verizon--and with no investment required.

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